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Lose Weight and Bloom

Rediscover the joy of food and the life-giving benefits of a healthy weight.

Make the Shift to a Fresh Life with Lose Weight and Bloom

Lose Weight and Bloom is a ten week programme. Each week you will have a one on one session with Mary in the peaceful setting of a garden cottage. This holistic approach to weight loss will revitalise your whole life. 

Delicious nutritious foodAs you enjoy the professional, confidential guidance and support of Lose Weight and Bloom you will:

  • discover the joy of eating  food that is wonderfully satisfying
  • enrich your diet with whole foods
  • make gradual life-long changes
  • find new confidence in your whole life
  • wake up in the mornings refreshed
  • find freedom from carrying around excess weight and delight in your new fit self.

Fresh Fruit Salad and YoghurtWhile attending Lose Weight and Bloom you will discover how to:

  • encourage yourself with your successes
  • discover the power of your awareness and how to use it
  • relax into weight loss
  • take charge of your own  life.
  • create a vision for your life that will be a road map

Contact Mary and book now. Only $450 to revitalise your life.


Enjoy a nourishing breakfast.I have attended the 10 week course and I am no longer experiencing the fortnightly terrible headaches that I have been getting for over 5 years.  I am just amazed and soo grateful for the tools I have gained to make some easy changes that have made such a difference to my life.  I found all the advice beneficial for my whole family and we have even been saving money on our grocery bill now too.  S.B Christchurch


The sessions are enjoyable and relaxing. Many clients say they are a highlight of their week. “This is a unique and special approach to weight loss that really worked for me. Mary taught me to look beyond how food is packaged and marketed to what is actually best for the human body. It all made complete sense. Once I started the gentle exercise programme she designed for me and implemented the dietary changes, the inches started falling away.”  D.S., Christchurch

Lose Weight and Bloom has ignited my curiosity about whole food. R. S.

I feel more in control. I no longer think about food all the time. S. H

After Lose Weight and Bloom I have days where I feel absolutely superb. S. D.




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