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February Salad

February Salad

This is a neat salad you can whip together quickly and easily. The quantities depend on what’s in your garden and how many people you are cooking for. The following is for about six people.

1 lettuce
2  spring onions
4  tomatoes
Big handful of spinach
2  meduim courgettes
A  big handful of beans
6  boiled eggs
Sprig of freshly picked mint
Butter and olive oil for sautéing

Mix together:
Juice of one lemon
2 tbs oil

In a pan put a little butter and olive oil and sauté courgettes until just barely golden.
Put on a pot of boiling water. Cooks or blanch beans until bright green. Drain and cool with cold water.

On a platter place washed and ripped lettuce and spinach. Mix with finely chopped mint, finely chopped spring onions and blanched beans. Toss salad in dressing

On top of greens sprinkle the cooked courgettes. Finally place the quartered tomatoes and halved boiled eggs.

A handful of pumpkin seeds sprinkled over the top can be a nice addition too, and adds another dimension to the texture.

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