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Lily's Winter Salad

Lily is a regular participant on Grow Your Own Free Lunch. Her salads have become famous. She goes out into the garden and comes in with a bouquet of vegetables.  The essential method of the salad is to cut the vegetables finely, add finely diced cheese and add good sprinkle of salt. She then tosses the salad well in dressing. Use the method with whatever vegetables are at hand but the salad needs some form of onion.


Winter Salad

Leeks – white parts only

Silver beet of all colours


Miners’ lettuce

A good picking from the mesclun plots

Red mizuna


Lots of rocket


Pak Choi


Essential to the salads is olive oil - enough to lightly coat vegetables.

A tablespoon of gherkin juice or lemon juice or balsamic vinegar..  Enough to give the salad flavour and balance the olive oil.

Other Ingredients


Eggs (optional)


Gherkins (optional)


Pak choi - the white stalks are very sweet.All the vegetables are washed and sliced finely.

The gherkins are also finely chopped.

The salad is sprinkled with salt.

The cheese is diced finely.

The salad is well tossed in the olive oil and gherkin juice or lemon or balsamic.

The sliced eggs are added.




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