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Seeds and a Spade September 2015


A mini cabbageMini cabbages are ready to pick in my garden and at Delta Community Gardens .

Garlic ChivesIf you look around your garden you will notice that the chives and the mint are growing. Mint goes in so many dishes. It is great in salads and with tagines. At the moment there are only a few spring onions left from last autumn so in comes chives. I love the garlic chives that give a zing to all my vegie dishes.


Now in September it is time to plant your carrots.

Carrots are one of everybody’s favourite vegetables. Small children just love plucking them from the ground and eating them fresh in the garden. Adults can never get over the taste  compared to the slimy ones in plastic bags.  So here’s how to grow your own.

Firstly Open  a seed drill .

Basically a seed drill is a tiny, straight ditch seeds are sown in. Plants don’t care if they are planted in a seed drill but humans do. If there is one characteristic about us humans it is that we love patterns. We see patterns.  So if we plant our crops in patterns then we can see them more easily.  Most people go for straight rows because they are easy to manage. Create a v shaped seed drill or ditch about 2 cm deep. I use my trowel or a niwashi for this. Put a label or maker at each end. Sprinkle the carrot seeds evenly over the drill. Just cover the seeds with fine soil or sand. Don’t fill up the whole seed drill with soil.   Carrots take about 3 weeks to germinate and need to be kept moist. . One trick to protect the carrot seeds while they are  germinating by planting radish seed in the row. I put one radish seed about 3-4 cm. The radish comes up in 6- 10 days. As the leaves open outand like little green umbrellas they protect the slower germinating carrots. By the time the radish are ready to harvest the carrots are well on their way. Note carrot seedlings cannot be transplanted successfully 

Seedling carrots sheltered by radishesOr for hands on practice come to the Simple Organic Gardening Course. Just email me mary@aplaceoflearning.co.nz

Lillee Star talked about permaculture.To find out more abut permaculture check out www.permaculture.org.nz/

What's on in Organic Canterbury

Two great workshops at Lincoln Envirotown www.lincolnenvirotown.org.nz

 All you need to know about worms. A worm care and maintenance workshop Saturday 26 September 10.00 am to midday.

Veges 101 A gardening workshop for beginners October 10  10.00 am to midday.

email ruth.wood@xtra.co.nz


Robert & Robyn Guyton experts in developing food forests  will hold a workshop on Saturday the 10th of October. 9.45 - 12pm  at the Rolleston Community Centre contact admin@canterburyorganic.org.nz    

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