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Learning English Language

Learning English is one of A Place of Learning 's most popular courses. People from all around the world attend. Some are very new to learning English, and some have more experience. This course caters to your needs and interests. You will enjoy  learning English, and make fast progress. 

  • See the patterns of English
  • Hear the sounds of English in games and rhymes
  • Practice speaking with the fun of Natural Learning
  • Relax and take time to speak
  • Read and write English using the games of Natural Learning
  • You may be surprised at how much English you already know
  • Delight in your successes
  • Honour your first (native) language.

Learning English covers tuition in grammar, reading, writing, and speaking English.


Speaking English is held as one-to-one basis at first, to cater for intensive individual learning. Later, working in a group is possible.



"It was a joyful English class with Mary. I hope all of you will join the eco-friendly English class with Mary. Have fun!"   Meekyoung, South Korea.

I am very happy, Mary keeps her lessons interesting and enjoyable, she is a great tutor, I recommend her.  She is very clear in explaining, thanks Mary. Manuel 

Mary is teaching my partner who is from a non-English speaking country. Currently we are taking one lesson a week one-to-one. My partner says she is very happy we found Mary because her teaching really works and she keeps her lessons interesting and enjoyable. I can confirm that my partner always comes back home from Mary's lessons charged with a new extra portion of English fluency which is exactly what we want. Greendrake

I am very grateful that i have found Mary.I am currently a first year university student and i have been having some trouble with essay writing. Thanks to Mary, now i am improving my writing and achieving some good grades. She is a great tutor to work with, friendly with a positive active attitude.She is very clear in explaining and a excellent tutor. she has been very supportive throughout my studies. I reccommend that anyone wants success should have Mary as her Tutor.Thanks Mary :) Y_H

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