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Vegetable Gardening

Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables, but don’t know how? Or have you had a go at creating a vegetable garden, but didn’t reap the rewards of your hard work?

A place of learning has specially designed garden courses for you to learn everything you need to know to grow delicious, fresh, organic vegetables. You won’t believe how easy and cheap it is to create your dream vegetable garden.

Vegetable Garden Consultation in Christchurch

Harvesting Fresh Organic Vegetables from your own Doorstep

 Vegetable Garden Planning at Your Place

Create your own garden plan during this is a one on one, hour and a half planning session in your backyard.  
Your plan will connect your garden area with your needs. You will learn basic techniques to get you started and help you to be creative in finding free and cheap organic resources.

Before the end of the session you will be set to go with your Garden Action Plan, and a mind buzzing full of ideas.

Suitable for beginner gardeners, and gardeners who wish to improve the quality of their crops and utilise their land to its maximum potential.

To find out how to start growing organic vegetables phone or email Mary.

The hour and a half Vegetable Garden Planning at Your Place course is only $120.00. ( Price applies to Christchurch City) .Further consultation is $30 per hour. Mileage outside Christchurch City 70c per km.


"I felt inspired to plan my future self sustainable garden." K.G.

"We both thoroughly enjoyed the session and feel very enthused " A.F.

Phone: (03) 942 6840
Cell: 022 699 4143
Email: mary@aplaceoflearning.co.nz

Enjoy Gardening without Backache

 In this one hour session discover the way to use hand tools such as spades, shovels, trowels and secateurs without hurting your body. Find weeding a pleasure. You will have plenty of time to practice so that it's easy to do when you return home.

Cost: $30 per hour if you travel to Mary's place or $30 per hour plus travel time if Mary travels to your place. Gardening without Backache is hands on learning and will require more than an hour for more than two people.

Come by yourself or gather a group of friends.

Phone: (03) 942 6840
Cell: 022 699 4143
Email: mary@aplaceoflearning.co.nz

The Simple Organic Gardening Course

This course is currently in abeyance

Delta Community Gardens
105 North Avon Rd 
 Phone or email Mary mary@aplaceoflearning.co.nz to sign up.

This course is two hours a week for eight weeks. It provides in depth skills and training for beginner vegetable gardeners. Each two hour session is a mixture of hands on training in a garden and the theory behind growing organically.

The method used during this course is designed to be the easiest, simplest and most cost effective way you can grow healthy organic vegetables. At the end of the course you will be able to grow vegetables in your own garden.

You will discover how to:

  • Design your garden in a way that suits both you and the plants you wish to grow
  • Grow vegetables in the space and time that you have available
  • Find all the free, cheap and best ways of growing and propagating fruit and vegetables - without handing over wads of cash!
  • Discover the rich world of soil
  • Distinguish between a healthy and an unhealthy plant, and discover simple  plant remedies
  • Turn your weeds and vegie scraps into plant food for free
  • Prepare the soil using the best technique for you
  • Sow seeds, transplant seedlings, water, and harvest

The Simple Organic Gardening Course is held in small groups.

The Simple Organic Gardening Course  is $120 for eight two hour sessions. 

Testimonials from Simple Organic Gardening Success

Hi Mary

Thought we would give you an update on our progress after the course with you last year.  We have had great success with our beans (you can see how good the plants look in photo 1), all the seeds you gave us have grown and we have had quite a few kilos of beans so far.  We have also had a good crop off the dwarf beans we put in.

TomatoesThe second photo shows the tomatoes in the new garden bed we set up using the information on soil layering you gave us.  As you can see in the photo the tomatoes in this bed have done really well, in the next garden bed behind these tomatoes are more tomatoes out of the same punnet, it certainly shows how much you need to build up the soil as they have really struggled.


We have had quite a few courgettes, cucumbers, spring onions and lettuces.  The basil and beetroot are ready to pick now.  The tomato plants in the photo have got a few tomatoes on them but I'm just wondering if at this time in the season we should be cutting off any further shoots/flowers to get the fruit to ripen?

Beans growing wellAgain thanks for the wonderful course last year and the informative newsletters you send out each month, they are certainly helping us get more out of our garden.

Kind regards

PG and CG


"I loved the course, found it really inspiring and got out into my garden straight away!"  Hannah

"I liked the hands-on planting and demo of how to dig. The composting info was so useful!"  Margaret

"I am happy to say that I was encouraged as a complete beginner... A small area by the back door now has some sweet corn growing together with some tomato plants and lettuces."  Heather

A very useful course for self starters who want to be as self sustainable as possible in a small suburban space.




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