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Fabulous Fungi

The purpose of this page is to allow you to enjoy the gloroius world of fungi. Admire their beauty. Cultivate them as garden friends. You are invited to view them as a form of beauty rather than anything edible.

In autumn while you are taking your peaceful garden time you will notice fungi popping up everywhere. You may see puff balls, mushrooms, toadstools and if you are lucky the wonderful basket fungus.  Some fungi are so delicate and fine that they can break in your fingers.

Fungi in the garden at Slater St BarnardosThere are red, yellow, white, brown and spotted fungi. Fungi are essential to your garden. The more the merrier. Fungi break down old plant matter especially some of the bigger bits like twigs and tree trunks and turn them back into plant nutrients. It is a good idea to have plenty of twiggy matter in your compost to encourage fungi.

The children at Barnardos Slater St found plenty of brown spotted mushrooms in their garden. They are so beautiful with fine white gills. I think that unless you are a fungi expert, view them as a form of beauty rather than anything edible.

Basket Fungi

Basket fungi are a native to New Zealand. They pop up in autumn in places with plenty of woody material.


Amanita Muscaria 

Amanita MuscariaThese beautiful bright mushrooms are even able to digest plant matter from pine trees. The digester of the indigestible!!  This one was found on the side of the Avon River.

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