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Weeds, weeds, wonderful weeds


ChickweedChickweed is popping up in your garden from April well into spring. The green tips are great to add to a salad and chooks love them. Chooks are really smart eaters. They always know what's good for them.

When you weed out your chickweed just flick the soil off the roots and leave it on top for a nourishing mulch.  You can also leave your chickweed as a living mulch over winter. It will protect the billions of creatures in the soil food web in your soil and can then be used as a mulch as you plant your spring crops.

Also chickweed can be made into a lotion or ointment for itches such as rashes, stings and eczema

Stinging Nettles 

Nettles Stinging nettles may look a bit nasty but they are full of vitamins and minerals. You can weed them out, give them a shake and just leave them on your soil. Or you can add them to your compost. Wear gloves or use your trowel so you don't get stung.

Or cook them. As soon as you cook them the sting vanishes. They are really full of vitamins marvellous for winter and early spring. Nettles can be added to soups or used as a spinach. They have a spinachy- melony flavour. All this is free just in your garden.

Find recipes - www.theguardian.com › Lifestyle › Vegetarian food and drink

Or have a cup of nettle tea to keep yourself healthy.

Helpful Weed 

This weed grows prolifically in autumn. It is really easy to pull out. You can harvest it, shake the soil off its roots and use it as mulch or just put it in your compost. How handy. It has tiny pretty pink flowers which help the bees out in autumn. I do not know its name. I just call it helpful weed. If you know its name I would love to hear from you.mary@aplaceoflearning.co.nz




This plant was photographed on the side of the red zone.

Yarrow in flowerYarrow  yarrow is an excellent natural fertilizer. It contains high levels of nitrogen, which all plants need. So it is perfect for your compost heap helping everything break down. It does have underground runners so you need to chop them back regularly with a spade.  It is good to have under an orchard where it can run around .The flowers attract a lot of beneficial insects.

 Yarrow has been used to heal wounds for many centuries and the tea is used for colds and coughs.  Altogether it is a wonderful herb.

The genus name achillea millefolium is derived from the mythical Greek character, Achille who reportedly carried it with his army to treat battle wounds

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